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Rebranding from Touchpress to Amphio

In 2016, Touchpress went through a dramatic shift, selling off itʼs back catalogue of apps, along with its brand.

The previous Touchpress brand

This left the company with a blank slate, knowing only that it wanted to work with similar clients (music and scientific organisations) but with the aim of solving real problems and not constraining its solutions to being iOS only.

Our brief was to create a new brand that resonated with the same kinds of clients, exhibited a revived freshness, and shed any implication of specific products they would make.

A new direction

The name Amphio was derived from the first half of the word ‘Amphitheatreʼ, referencing a stage on which to present works of Art, Music or Science. Visually, I wanted to fuse our clientʼs elegance with a fresh, modern feeling that reflected the digital products the agency made.

The logo

As the company works primarily in digital, I decided to have both a logomark and logotype. Having a responsive logo would serve well when used in different environments and dimensions.

Logo based off amphitheatres

The logomark references an ancient amphitheatre. It was drawn from renders taken of a simplified 3D model with a similar structure. We wanted to obfuscate the shape so that it didn’t tie Amphio or itʼs products too closely to this theme.

Sample of GT Sectra showing its construction

The logotype was set in GT Sectra. It has a chic editorial feel whilst boasting a sharp contemporary edge.

Full Amphio logo

Text and colour choices

Brandon Text & Grotesque samples

In a deliberate contrast to GT Sectra, I wanted Brandon Text to be used across the brand. The sans-serif typeface was far better for digital applications thanks to its large x-height, and still had the current feel I was looking for.

Example of the orange gradient applied to imagery

The use of vivid orange with a dash of salmon for the main colour, gave the brand an energetic feel. It also set them apart from the cyan blue commonly used by lots of tech start-ups. I specified a slight gradient to give an extra dimension when covering large areas on-screen. This could also be applied as a filter for tying imagery closer to the brand.

All the brand colours

A complimentary dark blue/purple was used as a secondary colour, for use as a black replacement (e.g. text colour). A range of purple-tinted greys were also derived from this off black.

Finally, a turquoise shade was used as a tertiary colour that could be implemented in buttons, hyperlinks, etc. We ensured all colours had light and dark variants for a multitude of uses.

The snipe

New vs old snipe

The snipe was a unique visual element that adorned the top corner of all Touchpress app icons. As Amphio had retained a few of these apps, a replacement snipe design was required. This also worked well as a subtle element in presentations, without it seeming too overbearing.

The website

Amphio home page

During this period, Amphio found that re-dressing the old website simply didnʼt fulfil the needs of an agency model. The site was redesigned to prioritise case studies of their previous work. These case studies were intended as destinations, explaining the goal of the project, and showcasing successful metric. It also provided an insight into working with Amphio.

This was also an opportunity to move towards a custom website, giving Amphio complete control of itʼs aesthetics and functionality. It also meant later amendments would be much easier to make, such as GDPR compliance.

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Interesting in working together?

For enquiries about design or engineering work or if you would just like chat, get in touch via email or phone!


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