Running design sprints with the Institute of Physics


Teach design thinking to the staff at the Institute of Physics

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Roles on the project

  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Sketching Ideation
  • Storyboarding
  • Prototyping
  • User Testing

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Running design sprints with the Institute of Physics

The IOP are a scientific charity that promote the advancement of physics. Their overall aim was to become a more digitally focussed organisation.

We decided to start by running several Google Venture-esq design sprints to get to know the organisation, teach design thinking processes to its staff and start to identify areas where we could make the biggest difference.

Together, we ran several design sprints to teach the staff design thinking, and highlight areas where new services would be most effective.

The decider picking what area to focus on

We interviewed current IOP members to find out how we could maximise their engagement with physics — one of our main goals. From this, we discovered a need for more relevant events and engaging content.

The winning sketches

Following some productive idea generation, we settled on combining an events system with a remodelled homepage. The key ideas being discovery of upcoming events and content tailored to the user.

The screens were initially created within keynote. A component template team members of all skill levels to collaborate with the designs. We then built the prototype using, which enabled us to observe users naturally inputting data.

The user testing setup

After user testing, it was clear that an events discovery system would be the most effective product to improve member engagement. We then run further design sprints, focussing on how members organise & discover events before moving onto development.

Sorting through user testing notes

Throughout the transformation project, we continued to run design sprints to quickly identify problems and validate potential solutions.

In a later sprint, we explored how to help members discover relevant content and services through the home page. At the end of the sprint, I built a prototype below to test four key concepts.

  • A search function to let users easily find information and resources.
  • A directory to show all the services offered by the Institute.
  • News articles to show the latest from around the Institute.
  • Allow users to customise the types of content displayed to them

The prototype starts after the user has searched for the ‘Institute of Physics’.

Tap the top search result to begin…

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Interesting in working together?

For enquiries about design or engineering work or if you would just like chat, get in touch via email or phone!


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